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eXactasports.com is designed to be a one stop shop for members to make informative decisions for future sports predictions. Our member summary pages gives our members a summary of every prediction they have made so they can learn from their past mistakes and capitalize on their successes. Our team and matchup pages allows our members to analyze teams performances by providing all past results and current news feeds and tweets to keep our users informed to all aspects of the games before it happens. eXactasports.com’s goal is to give users all the information they need to make informed predictions that will lead to more success week after week.
eXactasports.com has many ways for our members to enjoy the site. Below are just a few ways to interact.

See Your Trends and Tendencies-For Straight, Parlays and Teasers

By entering your predictions in our database you will be able to analyze your tendencies so you can improve your performance. Our Member Summary page along with our Pick Analysis pages allow you to see your failures and successes so you make adjustments for more success.

Earn Cash-XPICKS
Think you are better than the pros? eXactasports.com X Picks is a sports predictions marketplace allowing members to exchange picks for cash. Our X picks leaderboard can help members see who is the best, and who is not. Even if you do not make the top, we track all X picks by team so all our users have a chance to earn cash by trading picks. Be an expert on one team and your name will be on that team’s leaderboard and matchup page, allowing you to earn cash.

Another way to earn cash is by buying X pick predictions from our members and winning at the sportsbook. We track all X picks and comments so members can see that the records are legit. Our overall and team leaderboards show you who is hot and what teams they think will continue to succeed. If you are on the fence about a matchup it is best to see what our individual experts say to help keep your winning streak alive.

Pick Em’ Contest-Free For Groups to Enter
Our contests are easy and free to enter. We will activate the most popular weekly matchups and you pick against the spread, against your friends in a private group, or join a public group and pick to see who is the best. If you don’t win, buy a prize for your group’s winner. Use your X picks to enter the overall contest for weekly prizes.
Straight Plays
We also allow you to track your own predictions, allowing you to analyze your trends and help you become a better player. You can enter straights, parlays and teasers and we will track your data for you to analyze for future success. Know that the amounts you enter are fictional and for your tracking purposes only.

Cappers Pages
We are currently tracking multiple handicappers’ free picks so all can see their records. Ride the hot ones and purchase their picks using the buttons on our website.
eXactasports.com is not a gambling website, the site is designed to help all members become better players with information, whether it be picking on Yahoo, ESPN or at the Sportsbook, we want all our members to succeed!

Please contact us for any further information at customerservice@exactasports.com

The information contained in this site is for entertainment purposes only. Any use of this information in violation of any federal, state, or local law(s) is prohibited.

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