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Straights, Parlays and Teasers units are not transactions and no monies or currency will be exchanged, when playing on this platform. Excatasports will not collect nor pay out the units users place on the site.

X picks are for entertainment only and buy trading picks buying or selling you realize these are not guaranteed predictions and exactasports is to not responsible for any losses.

All X Picks sales will be paid 60 days after the last game of the championship season, upon written request via email at customerservice@exactasports.com or admin@exactasports.com
X Pick sales will be split 65%-35% with the seller, member or user receiving the 65%.
So for a $10.00 Pick sold the member receives $6.50 and exactasports receives $3.50
Even if you request funds for NFL in October, eXactasports.com will have 60 days after the Superbowl to payout, this hold true for all leagues and their championships.
By agreeing to our terms all members acknowledge that JSH INC DBA exactasports.com- is for entertainment only and is not responsible for any losses our members occur making predictions on other sites.
By agreeing to these terms users understand that exactasports.com provides the most accurate data available in their power and all data provided may not be correct. If data is not correct written notice at customerservice@exactasports.com is required for changes in which the website administrator will attempt to change in a reasonable time. 
By agreeing to these terms and acquiring a membership, any user cannot sue or pursue any litigation against exactasports.com DBA as JSH INC for any losses the members may have because of predictions or free pick of the day that a user saw on this site. Members/users understand all picks given and analyzed are for entertainment only and users bet or gamble on ther websites or sportsbooks at their own risk.
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By agreeing to these terms members and users must understand that this site is in its first years of operations and computer bugs and glitches do happen and exactasports will do our best to correct and fix within reasonable time frame upon written notice at customerservice@exactasports.com.

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